Bethlehem Struluckt [Discografía]

Artista: Bethlehem Struluckt
Álbum: When The Night Falls - Tribute to Burzum (2009)
Origen: Fresnillo, ZacatecasGénero: Instrumental-Soundtrack

01. What Once Was (Det Som Engang Var)
02.Hermodr A Helfer
03.Lost Wisdom
04.Illa Tithandi
05. Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität
06. Moti Ragnarokum
07. Kraft Des Mitgefuhls (The Power of Empathy)
08. Der Weinende Hadnu

Artista: Bethlehem Struluckt
Álbum: Somewhere In The Sky (2010)
Origen: Fresnillo Zacatecas
Género: Instrumental-Soundtrack


1.[18-03]When It All Began...
2.[25-03]Violently Sick (The Deepest Wound)[20:49pm]
3.[30-03]Take Me By The Arm Once Again[20:10pm]
4.[30-03]All The Great Emotions (The Only Truth)[12:44][23:56][24:46]
5.[19-04]You'll never be alone...[21:06][21:29]
6.[22-04]Voices And Smiles
7.[23-04]Tenderness (Guess That...) [24:07pm]
8.[29-04]Essence Of Sadness And Despair[23:52pm]
9.[30-04]Recovery Blood [21:12][21:52]
10.[03-05]As Her
11.[03-05]Don't Cry Little Girl[18:50pm]
12.[04-05]No One Is There For Me [23:34pm]
13.[05-05]The Dream Of A Warrior (Dearest...)
14.[09-05]WhenThe Heart Is Filled With Fear
15.[00-00]Don't Go Away
16.[03-05]The Evening Promised Joy And Hope [17:30pm]
17.[03-05]An Eternal Heaven[23:09pm]

Artista: Bethlehem Struluckt
Álbum: Twàe (2011)
Origen: Fresnillo Zacatecas
Género: Instrumental-Soundtrack


01. Welcome
02. Twàe
03. Tabata
04. Lords of the Forest
05. The Game
06. Sky Gold
07. The Way of The Gods
08. Hug Me
09. The Way to The Stars
10. Knum Kingdom
11. When she visits my dreams
12. Tami & Moriko (The Reign of Terror)
13. The Healer
14. A Gosth in the heart (Ft. Muffin Ghost)
15. Mitsuko Hoshi
16. Painting The Sky
17. Footprints
18. Lucien
19. The Rain Song
20. A Photograph, A Million Memories
21. Never Forget It (Ft. Mokkä)

D E S C A R G A 

Artista: Bethlehem Struluckt
Álbum: Gleypa Okkur (Ólafur Arnalds Cover) (Single) (2011)
Origen: Fresnillo Zacatecas
Género: Instrumental-Soundtrack


01. Gleypa Okkur

Artista: Bethlehem Struluckt
Álbum: La distancia se oscurece entre petalos de luna (EALE Cover) (Single) (2011)
Origen: Fresnillo Zacatecas
Género: Instrumental-Soundtrack


01. La Distancia Se Oscurece Entre Petalos de Luna (EALE Cover) 

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